Fourth day of race on Garda Lake, waiting for the Medal Race of tomorrow

Garda Trentino, May 11, 2013. Le jeux sont fait! Today, in the  fourth day of Garda Trentino Olympic Week - Eurosaf, we officially know the crews that tomorrow will play the Medal Race.

The Eurosaf Champions Cup Sailing is experiencing a new format for the international regatta, with the Garda Trentino Olympic Week 2013, which will be officially adopted in the next Olympics Games. After two days of qualifying, Gold and Silver Fleet have been defined. Today all the regattas have been.

All fleets have been able to compete  the scheduled regattas. And beautiful confirmations come from Italian! After 12 regattas played in four
days of racing, in the new Olympic class Nacra 17, premiered at the Garda Trentino Olympic Week, the first in ranking are Thoma Zajac and Tanja Frank Kiara Austria, followed by New Zealanders Gemma Jones and Saunders Jason, third are the Austrians Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin. From the fourth rung of the rankings, there are three Italian teams. Vittorio Bissaro and Silvia Sicouri are in fourth place, Francesco and Federica Bianchi Salvà are fifths and sixths Francesco Porro and Catherine Banti, earning the right to Medal Race tomorrow.

In the Laser Standard leads the world number one, Tom Burton, who was imposed from day one, leaving no room for anyone, followed by the Olympic Tonci Stipanovic, while the third is Thomas Ryan, with them to fight for the Medal Race, Jean Baptiste Bernas, Andy Maloney and Daniel Mihelic. Only eighth Marco Gallo, who pays two are not beautiful races held today.

In the Laser Radial, nothing, however, has been against the excessive power of Annalise Murphy, fourth at the Olympics in London, which has amazed even today in the negative, with a performance does not live up to its standardized. The Croatian Tina Mihelic is 2nd, third, Finland's Tuula Tenkanen. Follow Drozdovskaya Tatiana, Heidi Tenkanen and Turkish Donertas Cagla.

For the 470M the qualified fleats are Croats Sime Fantela and Marenic Igor, the Spanish Barrieros Rodrigues and Juan Curbelo Cabrera, third German Ferdinand Gerz and Patrick Follman. In fourth place in France, with Sofian Bouvet and Jeremie Mion, fifth Turkey brothers and Deniz Ates Cinar, sixth france with Gabriel Skoczek and Nebout Achilles.
For women we find two crews of 470 Italians in challenge for the Medal of tomorrow! Tina Mrak and Macarol Veronika are at the top of ranking, followed by New Zealand Aleh JO and Polly Powrie. The third Brazilian Renata Decnop and Isabel Swan. In fourth place, the Italian Francesca KOmatar and Swabian Carraro, follow the fellow Gaia schotti and Norma Nardeschi. Seste the Czech Johana Koranova and Mrzikova Lenka. There is the absence of good Berta Elena and Alice Sinno, who in the first race of the day had to be withdrawn for failure.

Missing at the time the final rankings of the RS: XM / F, which will be published on the website as soon as received.

The Racing Rules of Sailing says  that for all classes will be in Medal Race only the first six crews in the ranking.

The only exception is for the 49er, which take in Medal the first eight crews in the ranking. Among these, in addition to the Olympians of Austria and Poland, respectively Luca Delle Kart and Nikolaus Resh and Tomas Januszewski and Jacek Nowak, piazzatisi the first and second place in the standings, we find Italians Jacopo Plazzi and Umberto Molineris, followed by Giuseppe and Pietro Zucchetti Angilella.

So let’s be ready for tomorrow at 10 am for Classes Nacra17 and FINN, and  up to 12.00 RS: XM / F and Laser, 470 M / F and 49er.

Garda Trentino Olympic Week is the only Italian dell'Eurosaf Champions Cup Sailing. The event will be held in Medemblik, Holland, in Weymouth, England, in Kiel, Germany to finish in La Rochelle, France, all famous and sought-after location for hosted sailing events of international prestige, until the 2012 London Olympics, as in the case of Weymouth.