Press release Day 1-2 2° World Youth Sailing Week

2nd World Youth Sailing Week 29er Easter regatta: leading are the Slovenians  Janezic- Podlogar
The 2nd World Youth Sailing Week started this weekend at the Circolo Vela Arco with the 2nd Easter regatta with forty sailors from 5 nations, while in the Garda Trentino region young sailors from  other classes continue to arrive in readiness for the other regattas which are taking place during the Easter World Youth Sailing Week. We have seen a host of new nations signing up for the regattas many of whom we have not seen in the Garda Trentino region  previously for this type of Youth Meeting. We are talking of places such as Hong Kong, Kuwait, Ghana and Equador who really give this event a truly international flavour.

2nd World Youth Sailing Week/29er Easter Regatta 12-14 April
Despite the grey  and variable weather in the last couple of days the 29ers involved in the Easter Regatta have managed to complete 8 races in light to moderate winds of between 8 -15 knots. Monday is the last day of racing at the Circolo Vela Arco even if the final classification is pretty much decided with the first three  crews showing that they are in a class of their own. In first place are the Slovenians Janezic- Podlogar with five firsts two seconds and a third, there is then a five point margin to the Germans  Munk-Martin two partial victories  and the third crew once again German with Christina Schenk at the helm and at the bow Michael Martin. First Italians are a crew from the Circolo Vela Arco Cardellini – Dezulian

Results 29er after 8 races:

The Official presentation of the 2nd World Youth Sailing week takes place at 12.00am at the Fraglia Vela Riva with a press conference.

2nd World Youth Sailing Week/32nd  Meeting del Garda Optimist 17 – 20 April
At the Fraglia Vela Riva registrations are galloping ahead for the 32nd Garda Optimist Meeting  and the village which has grown up around the event has already taken life with stands selling nautical equipment which is also drawing in casual tourists who are strolling along the Lungolago. Once again this year it seems as if we have new nations participating just as last year we had for the first time competitors from Sri Lanka. It seems as if this year we may have some competitors from a new South American nation and also a new one from Africa.

All the squads are taking their places in the various sailing clubs based on the northern coast of Lake Garda. Taking into consideration the thousand plus sailors with boats expected to arrive together with a large number of trainers and coaches, they are being hosted not only at the Fraglia Vela Riva but also at Porto San Nicolo where the Lega Navale Italiana di Riva are providing logistic support and are being given additional help by all the other facilities strung along the Riva coastline. After many Meetings signalled by bad weather and cold it appears that at least for the first few days the Optimist Meeting is to be blessed with sunny days and an acceptable air temperature. This is great news as sometimes we have seen ice on the slipway at the Fraglia! The opening ceremony is set for Wednesday afternoon meeting at the Fraglia/Palameeting for a subsequent procession through the ancient centre of Riva del Garda.

2nd World Youth Sailing Week/Techno 293 Garda Lake Trophy; 17 – 19 April
The prospects are looking good at the Circolo Surf Torbole for the event specially designed for the youth windsurfing class. This regatta will hopefully become like the ‘Meeting Optimist’; an annual event with participants from all over the world and from the very highest level of the sport.  There are about seventy participants expected, including competitors from Hong Kong, Israel. Norway, Russia , Russian Siberia, The United States and Turkey all of whom are already here in Garda Trentino and busy training on the lake.

2nd World Youth Sailing Week/Laser Youth Easter Meeting 16 – 19 April
The Fraglia Vela Malcesine is the centre of action for the Laser fleet. From Wednesday the 16th of April action centres on the Laser 4.7 and the Laser radial. These two classes remain the most popular and internationally active classes not only from the point of view of race training but also in general sailing.